hat tag facebook game

Bored at work? Perfected your headstand in the loos, completed a full scale post-it note replica of Mount Rushmore and made everyone tea (twice)? Well, here's a new way to alleviate boredom/ stationery abuse. Back in March, Mr. Luke was a bit bored at work. So he sent us this picture to show us how bored he was.

Mr luke

We liked this idea so much we've made it into an official competition called the Big Knit Hat Tag. All you have to do to enter is take a photo of a little woolly hat (comically positioned at a distance over a person / object / building), upload it to Facebook, tag it up and maybe win yourself some smoothies.

We've already kick-started the game in the office. Here are just a few to get the ball rolling. George gets a boat on the head.

George lim

Kirsty opts for a more classic Nordic hat look.


And I also got caught out by Emma, mid-texting.


We've even made a free special kit to get you started. To bagsy one, just click here and let the tagging commence.