hat of the week: halloween special

Last week's hat of the week winner was the openable egg and spoon by Rachel Watts. Congratulations Rachel, smoothies on their way to you now...

Since then, somethings spooky's been going on in Fruit Towers. The sound of wailing in the Big Fridge. Mugs and plates flying through the kitchen of their own accord. Bubbling cauldrons dangerously left lying around the kitchen. What does it all mean? It must be a Halloween special of hat of the week.

This fellow floated over from the central line, down the Goldhawk Road and through Fruit Towers, despite being weighed down by his heavy ball and chain. We give you: The Phantom Hugger.

Week 9 ghost surrey sisterhood of silly hats

And to make things even spookier, Jenny the Witch threw a magic potion at our normally cast-iron rules of two-hat hat of the week competitiveness, so that her friend, Adam the Vampire could join her for this week's challenge. Well, he looked like an Adam to us.

Week 9 dracula denise chalk co community relations team

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