Thoughts from October 2010

innocent foundation hats

Our very own innocent foundation guardian Linda made us some extra special foundation-themed hats.

The innocent foundation invests money in supporting people depending on subsistence agriculture so that they can build sustainable futures. The foundation funds projects in developing countries where we source fruit, and we use the UN Human Development Index to help us decide where the greatest need is.

But now, onto the hats...

You might want to go to the water pump to fill up your bucket to carry home.


Or start growing some new fruit and veg, tomatoes and sweetcorn.


But maybe you want to see the livestock, pet a cow, or feed a chicken.


But watch out for the toilets, and make sure you use sanitation.


You can read more about the innocent foundation here.


knitted nursery rhymes (pt.1)

Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall (or a breadbin)


Humpty dumpty had a great fall (oh no)


All the king's horses, and all the king's men (or teletubbies)


Couldn't put humpty together again



hat of the week: fairytales, myths and legends

With a robot taking on a deep-sea creature, it was always going to be an interesting fight. Bender flailed his arms around and tried to pull the squid's eyes off. The squid retaliated, squirting ink at the robot whilst laughing like a lunatic. This sent Bender's circuit wires crazy and he malfunctioned, leaving him open for the squid to pull him screw-from-steel, and win the day. Congratulations Lauren, smoothies will be on their way to you shortly.

Following on from the future vs sea, we now visit the battle of two mythical creatures. In the hooved corner we have Susan Smith's last Unicorn, taking a break from cantering around Shepherds Bush.

Week 7 susan smith

And in the webbed corner jumps Jayne Holder's Frog Prince. Well, I'm guessing he's a frog prince, as he's wearing a maroon waistcoat. As you would, if you were of royal blood.

Week 7 Jayne Holder

Will the unicorn use his golden horn for full effect, or will the frog capture him in his net? You can decide, by voting here.


dear bastian


Bastian (above) has just come back from a two week holiday in sunny California.

While he was away, his desk mates kept a daily record of what was going on so he didn't feel left out upon his return

Dear bastian






Turns out he didn't really miss much.