Thoughts from October 2010

emilie in Ethiopia

emilie in ethiopia

After Helen's trip to India, Andrew's in Malawi and JT's in Kenya, on Friday, I'm off to Ethiopia for 2 weeks to work on a honey project with IDE one of the innocent foundation's partners. I am in the marketing team and am going out to help beekeepers in the North of the country with branding and marketing plans for their honey. A nice change from smoothies after nearly 5 years at innocent.


At the moment, the honey looks like this:
Amar honey

Is it that important to have the moisture content on the front of the label? This, along with other branding aspects, is one of the areas I'm going to look at. The beekeepers want to start selling their honey in supermarkets in Addis Abeba (and not just local markets in the North) so it's all about making sure the honey pots look as great as possible.

hat of the week: the tag team fight

Last week saw a mythical battle between a unicorn and a charmed frog. The unicorn huffed his hooves, whilst the frog removed his waistcoat for the fight. Waving his butterlfy catching net in a provocative manner, the frog charged at the unicorn. He nearly caught the horn in his net, but it was magical and defied capture. He sashayed his silvery mane, and with a quick charm, won the day. Very well done to Susan Smith, the knitter of the unicorn.

And now, on to this week's hat of the week: the tag teams. Another rhyme has reared its head in knitted form, as we have the Owl and the Pussycat bobbing along Goldhawk Road.

Week 8 owl & pussycat the surrey sisterhood of the silly hats 2

And in the shell corner, we have an Egg and Spoon (with fully bendable openable egg top).

Week 8 egg & spoon the surrey sisterhood of the silly hats

Will the owl end up with egg on his face, or will the pussycat claw through the shell? You can decide, here.


Big Knit deadline extended to 29th October

A Big Knit timeline.







We've had lots of people getting in touch to say that they'd still like to take part in this year's Big Knit, and that they still have hats at home which they haven't yet sent in. Just to make sure that we get as many hats as possible, and that every knitter who wants to can get involved, we’ve decided to extend the deadline to October 29th.

To make sure that we get the hats in store on time, please can you send in any hats that you've already made, and if you want to carry on knitting then please do.

Many thanks.


car park workout #2

Almost a year to the day since the last official car park workout, rugby stars Dan Hipkiss (of England Leicester Tigers fame) and Tim Taylor (of Gloucester and John T's brother fame) came in to do a special rugby training session in the car park.


John T, Phillippa, Alex W, Mel, Dan P, David I and George won the session in an auction to raise money for Accounting for Africa.

Their hour long training involved a combination of smashing out some serious weights in the gym


Followed by some speed and agility training using ladders and parachutes in the car park


And then a quick game of touch rugby where they all taught Dan and Tim a few tricks (commonly known as cheating then runningawayveryfast)

Work it
Thanks so much to Dan and Tim for coming in, helping sweat money for a very worthy cause and teaching everyone to fake pose so very convincingly.

back in five


Our 5 for 5 cafe is now closed for business.


In the 7 days the cafe was open, we served over 5,000 people their 5-a-day for a fiver.

That included 500 sweet potato briks (the most popular dish on the rotating menu)


Countless table settings


Over 400 people via our takeaway


Loads of ponchos on the very wet Saturday


Over 300 stolen wee-o-meters


Sakhr at least 3 times (maybe more. We sort of lost count)


A wall full of people giving their thumbs up to 5-a-day on our big tally counter


And loads of good chat.


Thanks to everyone who came along, who helped out and got involved.

If you didn't manage to make it along, you can make the recipes at home for yourself using the free downloadable recipe cards right here.

In the meantime, we'd love to know what you thought and whether you think we should do it again next year?

Just post your thoughts below and who knows, that 'out to lunch' sign might come down sooner than you think.