the final hat of the week 2010

Last week saw Gingerbread Ted take on Pir-hats of the Caribbean. Never before has a seafaring battle seen such swashbuckling swinging cutlasses, and baskets of eels rolling across the deck as lobsters scuttled freely. Ultimately, only one bearded fellow could remain captain of the ship, and Gingerbread Ted took the biscuit, and dunked it in his Captain Crunch. Congratulations go to Cassie Eastham for producing such a fine knit of facial hair.

And on this sad day we come to the last hat of the week of 2010. But cry ye not, because we have quite a treat in store for you. You may have seen them in the press, you may have seen them on the blog, you may even have seen them on film (yes, they're that popular), but now they finally come to hat of the week. We give you: The Knitter VS The Biggest Little Christmas Tree.

In the knitting corner sits The Knitter in her red cardigan.


She has cocktail sticks for knitting needles and a tiny ball of yarn.


She wears her hair in a bun.


And she doesn't need to go to Specsavers, her glasses are just fine as they are.


In the Christmas corner we have the Biggest Little Christmas Tree you're ever likely to see.


This tree has everything on. From a small squirrel hidden under some tinsel.


To a fake silver fingernail.


And it even has little people made out of beads dangling from the bottom.


This may be the hardest choice you've ever had to make, but make it you must, and make it here.

Good luck.