I can't go for VAT

For the last few years we've been campaigning to get VAT removed from fruit smoothies. We don't think it makes sense that the government taxes people on something healthy, like our drinks, when food like pizzas and doughnuts aren't taxed. In fact, fruit isn't taxed, but our smoothies are - when all they contain is fruit. Weird.


So we've been scratching our heads with confusion this morning as the government has decided they will continue to charge VAT on fruit smoothies. Ultimately, if the VAT charge was reduced, we could pass the saving on to our drinkers.

We don't want to sound like we're throwing our toys out of the pram here (we probably shouldn't be in a pram anyway - we're fully grown), but if they're going to spend millions of pounds encouraging people to eat more fruit and veg, shouldn't they be making it easier for us to eat more healthily, not harder?