hat of the week: we've got a beard off

Last week saw the classic cork hat take on the regal crown, and the corks beat the gold. Congratulations to Jo Hazell of Newport, smoothies will be on their way to you shortly.

This week, loosely affiliated to innocent's participation in Movember, we have a beard off. Yes, we do know the difference between a beard and a moustache, but it seemed unfair to shave these guys of their pride and joy.

First up we have Captain's favourite Gingerbread Ted with a mighty beard.

Week 12 Cassie Eastham

But he's not the only seafaring entrant, as we bring you Pir-hats of the Caribbean. We can't tell where his dreads end and his beard begins, but we love him nonetheless.

Week 12 Alex Kay

We thought it may help you to make your mind up if you got to hear from the hats themselves. So here you go.

In the hairy beardy hatty tash off, which hirsute hat will take the biscuit, and get crumbs stuck to its chin? You decide.