Thoughts from November 2010

the Big Knit's a-coming to town

More than 72,638 sheep sheared, over 567,348 hats knitted, 47,243 knitters knitting, 1,872,901 cups of tea made (and drank), the Big Knit is finally, definitively here.*

All the hats have left Fruit Towers, and you can now buy your behatted bottles in Sainsburys and Boots across the UK. Remember, with each bottle bought, we'll give 25p to Age UK, helping make winter warmer for older people.

Bobble 12

They're currently on offer in Sainsburys - 2 for £3, and are part of the meal deal in Boots.

Five special Big Knit bikes will be heading out over the next 15 days on a Big Knit roadshow. Go and say hello to the cyclists, they love to chat (and may have a little something for you in return). The fleet will be passing through London, Bristol, Birmingham, Nottingham, Leeds, Manchester and Liverpool. To find out exactly where and when, go here.

We gave them a little test run here at Fruit Towers, along with a bit of competition. Joe and Matt were the first to make it onto the bikes.


Followed shortly by Kath.


They raced through the crowds of cheering colleagues, managed to make an impressive turning circle at the end of the drive, and in a photo finish we can see bobble-hatted Matt just took the lead.


We hope you enjoy the hats (and the smoothies). Please feel free to get involved in our facebook hat tag game, vote for hat of the year, and play our "guess which celebrity made this hat" game?

(*we get our statistics from Tim, who found them in his computer. Who knows where the computer found them?)


hat of the week: rafter vs pika

Last week we saw a bewitching hat-off between Adam the Vampire and his friend Jenny, up against the phantom hugger. Despite Adam's sharpened teeth and Jenny's potions, they couldn't ward off the advances of Ol' Ghosty and his ball and chain. Congratulations to the Surrey Sisterhood of Silly Hats, a case of smoothies will be on its way to you shortly.

This week the castaway rafter paddled his way up from the thames, along the rain-filled roadside, and finally into reception at Fruit Towers. Where's he's been castaway from is anyone's guess, but that loincloth is very fetching.

Week 10 lesley hosseini

He's up against Pikachu of Pokemon fame. Reknowned for his electric prowess, will it be any match for the rafter's wooden oar, and enviable beard?

Week 10 stacey carr

You can place your vote here.


old becomes new

We like a lot of things at innocent - fruit, veg, knitting, cake, more cake, and you can never go wrong with a good t-shirt. The problem is that it's easy to accumulate t-shirts, and some are better than others. Before you know it you have created your own t-shirt mountain, and you only ever wear the ones at the top of the pile.

This is where do the green thing's latest initiative comes in handy. They are collecting old, unfashionable (in your eyes), unloved t-shirts doomed to life at the bottom of the pile or worse still landfill, and adding a bit of stitching, creative brilliance and love to turn them into something trendy and fabulous.

You can donate a t-shirt, buy a t-shirt (including ones donated by celebs), or give one to a friend.

You can also check out the t-shirts in various venues across London.


Now back to the cake...

how’s your colouring in?

We’ve got a couple of vacancies in our in-house creative team here at Fruit Towers so we’re on the look out for some highly creative minds to help us come up with great packaging, branding, advertising and campaign ideas.


The two spots available are...

Head of Design, looking after our team of 5 designers, delivering all of the above and more.

Designer - a smart middleweight designer who has experience across print, packaging and generating great ideas.

If you think either of these could be you or just want some more info, check out our jobs page and apply here.

Good luck.