Thoughts from November 2010

a Big Knit thank you lunch

A lot of people have been involved in this year's Big Knit to make it happen. The biggest thank you we have to give is to all of our knitters, who've helped make well over 600,000 tiny hats. To say thank you to some of the knitters from Age UK who've taken part, along with our colleagues at Age UK, and all of Fruit Towers who in their own special knitting and non-knitting ways have helped make the Big Knit come to fruition, we held a special Big Knit lunch.


There were cakes from cake club, a lot of homemade sandwiches, and everflowing pots of tea.


Emma made a lovely speech about how the work that we've done will help make winter warmer for older people across the UK.


Ben tinkled the keys beautifully to keep everyone entertained.


And Oli hosted a round of Big Knit bingo. Which was nothing like veg pot bingo.


And the ladies taught us some hot new knitting tips - the secret to making a full-size hat is just to add more stitches.


A Big Knit thank you to everyone who's contributed.


movember, moproblem

Some of the menfolk of innocent are currently working on growing their moustaches for Movember, helping to raise money and awareness for the prostate cancer charity. Here's how the team looked a few days in (Mo Bros also being supported by their Mo Sistas, who seem to have a bit of a head start with their tashes).


Also working on their tashes are Gavin.


And Ruvan.


You can sponsor our team or join the My innocent mo team here. Moustache growth updates to appear as unpredictably as the sighting of a double rainbow over Brockley. Were you there last Sunday? It was beautiful, wasn't it?

hat of the week: crown vs corks

Whilst Pikachu's electric storm threatened to disrupt the safe journey of the castaway's raft, he steered it through choppy waters, and the rafter managed to paddle to safety and win the day in last week's hat of the week. Congratulations to Lesley of the Simply Knitting Knitters.

Up this week, royalty has entered Fruit Towers for a little visit.

Week 11 walk in - don't know who dropped them off

Along with a little friend from down under.

Week 11 jo hazell

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art corner

Isabel bottle art
When set a project to create an Andy Warhol-style picture, 14 year old Isabel chose to use innocent for her inspiration. The finished piece is above and I'm sure you'll all agree, it's an A* all round. Thanks to her Dad for sending it in.