Thoughts from November 2010

an innocent Big Knit Christmas film

As mince pies are getting minced, wine is being mulled, and the Oxford Street Christmas lights are now on, Christmas 2010 has officially started. By way of a Big Knit early Christmas present, we bring you our Christmas film.

A big thank you goes to Val Cox who knitted Santa and his little helpers, Shirley Lloyd who made the Christmas tree, and Lesley Abdolhosseini who created the ballerinas.


pigeon penguin pear

Pigeon Pear

Vickey sent in a picture of this rather pigeon-like pear the other day. We were impressed.

We wondered if Vickey might have any other animal-shaped pears up her sleeve.

Penguin Pear

Turns out she did. Vickey thought this one resembled a penguin. We think it looks like a kiwi bird. What do you think - penguin or kiwi?

Big Knit hat tagging so far

We're just over a week into our Big Knit Facebook hat tagging, and the yarn ball is definitely rolling. Our hats have been seen on stage with Jamiroquai, being worn by St Paul's and the Gherkin, all over schools, in a couple of pubs, and on a lot of pets. Cats seem to go crazy for them. And with the great flurry of hat on domestic animal pictures, we thought it only fair to add a new category to the competition: best hat on a pet.

To give you some inspiration, and to hot up the competition, you can now vote on the round up of some of our favourites so far. Because the game has become bigger than we could ever have imagined, and as it's coming up to Christmas (and we've got one of our many festive hats on), we decided we'd be generous and award the weekly winner of each category a case of smoothies. Who says we aren't good to you?

First up, the best celebrity with a hovering hat. We have Angelina, Jamiroquai and the Terminator himself all going up against each other. But who'll be back?

Best statue or landmark sees a classic red phone booth take on a huge head, and the Taj Mahal.


Most creative placement of a hat brings us web 4.0 as two iPhones get chatting to each other, the little planet dude chills out with a smoothie, and a baby gets turned into a blue duck.


Most number of hats splits the possible entries for this category. We've got 33 hats in a tree, 27 hats on bottles and things, and the inclusion of Charlotte's photo of friends down the pub as it has the most number of people wearing the little hats in one photo. Can you beat two?


Last up is the new entry category of pets with hats. Do you prefer the smitten kitten, the beanied dog, or the cat drowning in hats? (It took us a few glances to realise there was cat in all those hats).


The voting for week 1 has now closed.


autumn fun


When life gets just a bit too serious and you need to let off some steam, try embracing your inner five year old and skipping through a lovely pile of crisp autumn leaves. It honestly works a treat. Just beware of any dog related surprises. That could really spoil things.

Where the great recipes are at


We're pretty sure you liked our peaches and passion fruits recipe last time round, so it’s back by popular demand. Not only is it top of the list of recipes that you ask to be returned, it’s also spreading the word about a brand new campaign, dressed up in a fancy new pack.

The campaign in question is called the Great Recipe Archive. With the help of our friends at We Are What We Do, we’re hunting out lots of proper wholesome recipes – the ones that get passed down through the family. And we thought it would be good if you could find all of these recipes in one place, submitted by people from far and wide. So if you have such a recipe, upload it here for all to see. And check out the site to see what’s up there so far. Every week from November 1st, we'll choose a 'Recipe of the Month' and the recipe author will win a case of smoothies (to be that winner, just get all your friends to vote for your recipe). Get involved here and then get cooking.