the world's first head mounted iPhone App

Here's one last update on the AGM consumer cam before it launches as 'the world's first head mounted iPhone application' with a fanfare tomorrow morning. If only Tomorrow's World was still on the telly we'd be famous for something other than smoothies. Potentially.


What's it all about?

To mark our 3rd annual innocent AGM this Saturday May 22nd 2010 we have commissioned London design partnership RIG to create a 'consumer cam' which will record the day's events live from an attendee's head. This hat mounted live feed consists of an iPhone, hosting a bespoke app that takes photos every few minutes, elegantly sellotaped to a climbing helmet. These photos are then uploaded to the dedicated website which is fed by flickr and twitter and geo location updates live from the consumer cam for around 8 hours on the day of the AGM (10am-6pm).


Who's going to wear it?
In the full spirit of social media democracy, we invited our community of digital followers on twitter, facebook and those in the innocent family to apply to wear the hat on the day. Luke Wicker (@lukeandwilf) was chosen as the final winner to wear the camera with Jo Walters (@jowalters) acting as his understudy in case of illness.

How was it made?
The iPhone app automatically uploads geotagged photos to Flickr. A bespoke website then weaves these with messages from @innocentAGMcam on twitter to provide a single place for Luke's perspective on the event. The idea was worked up over a fry-up around the corner from the RIG studio from an original brief to ‘interpret the AGM from a consumers perspective along side innocents own’. The consumer cam was tinkered together over the space of 4 weeks in the RIG studio. Progress reports on it’s development can be found in the AGM category of innocent’s daily blog.

And here's what it currently looks like. Be sure to tune in between 10am to 6pm on Saturday (the actual AGM bit is from 12 noon to 4pm) or check back next week to view the full archive.