mark of the mountains

Here's a quick update on how Mark's training for the Tour De France is going.

For those who missed the last installment, this is a map graph thing of what he's going to be cycling up in July.


For those who don't do map graphy things, here's a photo of what it actually looks like.


Training so far is going well. Mark is managing to clock up 100+ miles of cycling every weekend, come rain, come shine, come snow.


To date, he has missed 1 wedding, 4 parties, 3.5 dates, 1 skiing trip and a random cooking lesson due to training commitments.

Instead of playing social butterfly, Saturday nights have culminated in a series of bad B&Bs.

Bad sad b and b
And when he does attend a social engagement, all people want to talk to him about is cycling.

However, with only 8 weeks to go, Mark is pedalling on through for a very worthy cause.

Next time on Turner's Etape, we'll hopefully feature some more action packed, lycra packed shots.

For now, feast your eyes here.