Thoughts from May 2010

mark of the mountains

Here's a quick update on how Mark's training for the Tour De France is going.

For those who missed the last installment, this is a map graph thing of what he's going to be cycling up in July.


For those who don't do map graphy things, here's a photo of what it actually looks like.


Training so far is going well. Mark is managing to clock up 100+ miles of cycling every weekend, come rain, come shine, come snow.


To date, he has missed 1 wedding, 4 parties, 3.5 dates, 1 skiing trip and a random cooking lesson due to training commitments.

Instead of playing social butterfly, Saturday nights have culminated in a series of bad B&Bs.

Bad sad b and b
And when he does attend a social engagement, all people want to talk to him about is cycling.

However, with only 8 weeks to go, Mark is pedalling on through for a very worthy cause.

Next time on Turner's Etape, we'll hopefully feature some more action packed, lycra packed shots.

For now, feast your eyes here.


day three of Rio and Delia get growing

April 2010_FT3 & PM visit 004

You might remember our Rio and Delia got growing earlier in the week. Here's an update from Rio with annotated pink post it notes for effect.

Well, well, well - looks at that beautiful little sprout. I've decided to name mine Sunny (nice and original). Looks like I'm winning at the moment, but is Delia's runner bean just a dark horse? Find out next time…

through his eyes only

Luke Wicker - winner
Meet Luke, winner of our AGM consumer cam competition. He has a head roughly the same size as a burger. Though there's no telling how big that burger is, and perspective can be a fickle mistress at the best of times, so we're still none the wiser how big his head actually is.

Consumer cam

We're confident it can accommodate our consumer cam though, and that's all that really matters. On Saturday 22nd May, Luke will wear this highly technical and rather fetching piece of kit to our 2010 AGM on his burger sized head, to record his experience of the day, as he sees it, by taking regular photos which will upload live to the web. See evidence of early testing here.

We're not really sure how it's all going to work to be honest, but we'll be darned if we're not going to find out.

More details to follow (once we've figured out how to switch it on...)

get growing

April 2010_FT3 & PM visit 002

Our Rio and Delia are going head to head and com-'peat'-ing to see who can grow their flower/ veg most successfully (and quickly). Rio's the sunflower, and Delia's is the runner bean. Updates to follow.

pirate printing

This is Stephen


Stephen is the master of all things ink, type and letter press related, who makes brilliant posters that look a bit like this


The creative team went along for a workshop at his studio in Walthamstow the other week to learn all about the history of letter pressing and printing and make some posters.

Type chat

I had no idea that so many well known phrases come from the world of printing.

For example, as soon as you set the type (letters) in the chase (frame), it becomes a form.

If your type then warps when you go to print, it's known as 'bad form'.

And if you run out of type to set, then you're 'out of sorts'.

Love learning stuff like that.

Type house

We then got to pick our letters from the special type drawers and Stephen did all the hard, fiddly stuff like setting the type and inking up

Good form

Ink on up

Once everything was set and inked, we each got to don the guest apron and print our own posters (by pulling the press across in a firm, swift manner and peeling the paper off very, very carefully).

Double pull

Artschool annika

There was a lot of inkspection of prints

Discuss inkage

Mainly from Slinky.


Stephen and his assistant typesetter, Scarlett, then delivered the prints a few days later once they were properly dry.

Assistant typesetter

We've got one of these limited prints (signed by Stephen) to give away to whoever can tell us the best pirate joke.


Just post your jokes below by Monday 17th May and may the best joke win.