Thoughts from May 2010

cake love

Simon came along to our AGM on Saturday, sporting a fetching yellow t shirt and bearing a homemade cake from his wife, Sarah.


Sarah made the cake using our lemon, honey and ginger smoothie. Here she is with a slice of her own handiwork and a rosette which she won for being the 'Best Cake Baker' in her office.


Simon handed over the cake with strict instructions that we share it round everyone on Monday

So here is the evidence of us doing just that.


We'll see if we can get the recipe off Sarah.

For now, thanks to Simon and Sarah for a great bit of cake and for making JT at the back so manically happy.

AGM 4:37pm home time

So that's it for another year

Smoothies have been drunk (and made)


Veg pots have been tasted and the winning veg pot recipe which will hit shelves this winter has been chosen


(The Bombay butternut squash curry nailed it in the end. First out, first home. Or something like that)

Coats and goody bags have all been collected



Goodbyes have been said and an excellent day has been had by all.


Thanks to everyone who came along, asked questions, ate cake and got thoroughly involved.

We'll be putting up the films of the day early next week (hopefully the bit about Adam's first job won't be edited out).

For now though, please enjoy the rest of this gorgeously sunny weekend.

AGM 3:45 question time

Everyone is fully teaed and caked up for the Q&A



We'll be posting films of the questions right here early next week.

For now thought, this is what it looks like from Luke's head