home made signs

There's something about homemade signs that make you stop and look a bit more than super slick glossy posters.

Dan found a good one on bin in Chiswick last week about the flapjack eating dog

According to the pub round the corner, Elvis still lives (every Sunday night from 5pm)


And the local hairdressers are doing a great deal on gents perms and short-back-and-sides.


You might recognise the model in the top right hand corner as ex-innocent employee, Ed B (formerly of the Box of Love story, picturedon left below)


Most of us thought he'd gone to work for our friends at Peppersmith but looks like he's moonlighting to earn a few bob (or a new bob) down the salon.

Amazing what signs are out there when you start looking.

If you spot any good signs when you're out, take a pic, upload them on our Flickr site here and the best ones will win some smoothies.