Thoughts from March 2010

too early to call?

After the coldest winter in thirty one years, it's been non rainy for exactly 4 days now.

Dan has driven to work in the sunshine everyday (and he gets up really early).

Ted saw two new born lambs in a field near Swindon last week.

And the crocuses are out in the park.


Too early to call spring yet?

more than one way to cook an egg


Following on from the introduction of FREGG day to Fruit Towers, someone has put up a helpful guide to making eggs in the microwave.


You can have them scrambled

Egg tips

Sort of poached or properly poached

Egg tip 2

And someone else has even added their own little comment to ensure perfect poached eggs every time.Top tip

Fried and boiled are out. However, if it's dippy egg you're after, someone has suggested the kettle-and-soup-ladle approach.


We don't advise this technique as a) you could electrocute yourself and b) even if you succeed in boiling your egg in this manner, you risk the unleashing the wrath of your colleagues as they'll be drinking eggy tea all day.

N.B this egg was not boiled in a kettle at work. It was laid by Francoise the hen (who plays a mean hand of Connect Four) and who does not condone kettle cookery in any fashion.


slippers in the office: the great debate

To slipper or not to slipper. That is the question.

Or more precisely, the question burning on everyone's lips in Fruit Towers this week is 'Which pair of cosy foot attire should I wear in work today?'

Helen L favours furry cow print booties

Nice booties

Jules works the dainty-in-pink slipper look


Proper dainty

Pink slippers

Andy O is prepared for all eventualities so keeps three pairs of shoes under his desk (smart for when important people come in, clean trainers for the gym and tatty ones to cycle home in) whilst lots of other people favour the 'naked slipper' look i.e barefoot.

Ryan however has gone one step further. He has a special pair of trainers which he only wears in the office.


They never leave the building. Not even if he's nipping out for some lunchtime falafel. He keeps them in his locker and changes into them every morning.

Box fresh

That way they last longer and stay box fresh.

If you'd like to join in the slipper debate, then post your comments below.

Next week, we'll be looking at the merits of wearing your pyjamas in meetings and the topical question:

'Can I get away with wearing my dressing gown to work without getting funny looks on the bus or being arrested?'