Thoughts from March 2010

hello johnny

Johnny Ball popped in a couple of weeks ago for a cup of tea and a chat.

Charlie rio and johnny

He was as thoroughly charming and funny as you'd expect him to be.

It sam and johnny

It's always reassuring to find out your childhood heroes are just like you secretly always hoped they were.

Just wish he still made telly.

emily the wonder lady

Say hello to Emily the wonder lady. Doctor. Personal trainer. Gym owner. Private investigator. Pig farmer. Accountant. Semi climber of Everest who runs 9 miles across London to work everyday and only just 30 years of age. Watch her unmakeupable resume right here.

the fruit gallery

Every year our Fruit team have an in-house competition to take the best photos whilst out and about, sourcing the globe for the finest fruits to go in our smoothies.

There are currently around 189 categories in the competition(so that Simon can win at least one of them) and we thought you might like to see a few of the winners.

There's the best photo of fruit on and off the tree

Fruit on tree

(Cherries taken by Rozanne)


(Bananas taken by Atha)

The best photo of a team member at leisure

SL - Best Fruit Member at Leisure

(Sam in Verona)

Fruit team member at leisure

(Dan with the pizza machete)

And the best photo taken from moving car window (to mention but a few)

Car window

(Taken by Simon somewhere in Florida)

We're going to be putting together an online gallery of all their best shots so you can find out a bit more about the stories around the fruit we use. So make sure you keep watching this space.

For now though, here's the overall winning photo from the 2009 competition

SL - Best OVERALL - I love you Ceri

It's of one of our apple growers, Christian (he's the one infront of the tractor, holding the apple, just to right of the shaggy haired fellow) and was taken by our Siobhan (pictured below)

More to come from our budding Rankins and David Bailey's very very soon.

home made signs

There's something about homemade signs that make you stop and look a bit more than super slick glossy posters.

Dan found a good one on bin in Chiswick last week about the flapjack eating dog

According to the pub round the corner, Elvis still lives (every Sunday night from 5pm)


And the local hairdressers are doing a great deal on gents perms and short-back-and-sides.


You might recognise the model in the top right hand corner as ex-innocent employee, Ed B (formerly of the Box of Love story, picturedon left below)


Most of us thought he'd gone to work for our friends at Peppersmith but looks like he's moonlighting to earn a few bob (or a new bob) down the salon.

Amazing what signs are out there when you start looking.

If you spot any good signs when you're out, take a pic, upload them on our Flickr site here and the best ones will win some smoothies.

zelda the lost dog

Seen in Chiswick at the weekend. Arm yourself with flapjacks if passing through W4.