Thoughts from March 2010

Lights out... please

At 8.30pm this saturday it is global Earth Hour.


Earth Hour started in 2007 in Sydney, Australia when 2.2 million homes and businesses turned their lights off for one hour to make their stand against climate change. It is now a global event, in 2009 hundreds of millions of people took part with over 4000 cities in 88 countries officially switched off to pledge their support for the planet.


Earth Hour 2010 is this saturday at 8.30pm (local time) and is asking that people across the world stand up, take responsibility, get involved and lead the way towards a sustainable future by turning off the lights (and anything else non-essential) for 1 hour. Not only a great way to help the planet and raise awareness but also the perfect opportunity for a candlelit cuddle, a trip to Dans Le Noir in London or getting an early night if the kids woke you up early that morning.

Oh and don't forget that daylight saving time starts on Sunday, so put the clock forward before you go to bed (or at least before you turn out the lights - otherwise it can be tricky).

happy houdini day

Today is Harry Houdini Day


Getting out of straitjackets, escaping from giant milk cans filled with water (whilst handcuffed) and being buried alive, Harry did the lot.

Today he would have been 136 years old.

Here he is escaping some ropes.

Now that's what I call an impressive party trick.

prawn to be wild

Every now and then, an unmissable photo opportunity comes along.

Like the stuff in our fruit gallery or the time Bear Grylls was caught secretly snaffling a smoothie.

We spied this chap in a spot of bother at a posh London eatery recently and couldn't resist taking a pic.


If you have any idea how this curious situation came about, please let us know. Were you in the restaurant at the time? Have you been in contact with this literate langoustine since?

We just want to know he's ok.

Most informative answer wins a case of smoothies for helping solve the, er, case.

whole other level

Lisa's new shoes have got a lot of love in the office recently.


She's taken trainers to a whole other level.

Much to the envy of Ben G.

cake is in the air

The first rule of Cake Club is you must eat cake.

Springy cakes

The second rule of Cake Club is you must drink tea.

And the third rule of Cake Club is that occasionally you have to bake a cake.

Otherwise it would be simply known as Take Club.

Each month, a theme is picked, cakes are baked along that theme and votes are cast for the overall favourite. It's similar to Cheese Club but with tea and doillies.

This month's theme was Spring.

Finishing touches

Robin made a carrot cake (complete with pureed pineapple and freshly grated carrot garnish)


Jeanette's lemon and basil cupcakes were a triumph, despite them getting a bashing from rude commuters on the way to work.

Cake chick

Cake bouncers were Lucy and Ruvan, who kept a watchful eye before judging/cake eating commenced

Builders please

When there's that much quality cake on the table, you need some heavies in tow to keep sponging fingers in check.

Cake Baker of the Day however was Beth, who surpassed herself by making a splendid simnel cake from scratch.

Simnelly marvellous

She even cycled to the market specially to pick up some festive decorations

Ribbon tap

Now that's what I call deidcaketion.