hairy fruititioners

When we're not working making smoothies, looking for elephants, or building vegetable gardens, we also enjoy running around fields in Pilton (care of Michael Eavis) dancing along to Shakira*, playing with Germanic ladyboys underneath tube-carriage wrecks**, and wearing amusing things on our heads***

Glasto 1

Ruth won the competition with her sly blonde tash

Glasto 2

Though Charlie and Olly's double-team meant that he was mistaken for ZZ Top (who weren't actually on the bill, which led to further confusion)

Glasto 5

Caroline and Joe went for a cowby-come-bandito look whilst rocking it out to Muse (what else would you wear to thrashing electro-guitar?)

Glasto 3

Tom was mistaken for a disguised Michael Bolton

Glasto 7

Joe channelled the hippy love and got lost between Paul Mcartney and the Beach Boys

Glasto 8

And then Lady Gaga made a surprise appearance (or so Oli would like to believe)

Glasto 9

Of course, it wasn't all just hairplay and braiding, and we tried to ensure that everyone made it to their five-a-day. Don't you think that Florence's guitarist is enjoying himself a pineapple, bananas and coconuts smoothie here?

Glasto 6

*cannot confirm that all of us enjoy this said past time

** same again

***totally confirmed