a shed, some veg and lots of busy bees

It's not all spreadsheets and calculators in the merry land of innocent finance.

Last week, the whole Finance team spent a day at Kew Riverside Primary School helping the children to build an allotment on the school field so that they can grow their own veg and maybe some bee friendly flowers. Next thing you know they'll be putting the veg in pots (that rings a bell).

This feels like hard work

But it wasn't all gardening. We also did a spot of shed building too with Rob and Lynne (crowned master shed builders).

We thought the shed would be handy for storing all the gardening tools but the children thought it was more useful for a sneaky game of 'How many people can you fit in a shed at one time without it falling over?'. If anyone is interested the record so far is 10.

The cheeky shed

And with the help of lots of little hands (sorry about the paint on their school uniforms) we transformed a plain old boring white wall...

Told you that it was a boring white wall

... into a beautiful mural that the children designed.

Budding artists

That's Roberta in the red T shirt. She's in the Finance team and not a pupil in case anyone was unsure.

We figure friendly finance folk couldn't have done any of this without the amazing help of Gareth Miller from the Open Living Company and Paul Munckenbeck from M&S Power Hire. They both donated their time, expertise and lots of materials to our little project at no cost.

They kept us on track on the day and rallied their suppliers to help as well.

Big thanks also go to John at Brewers for the paint, everyone at Alsfords for the timber and Nick from Motive8 for putting us in touch with Gareth.

Here's Gareth and Paul looking tired but happy after a hard day's work. They aren't used to grafting.

Gareth and Paul

Paul even let Lou B (aka The Stig) have a go on his digger.

Lou in the digger

Thanks to Debbie and everyone at Kew Riverside Primary School. Maybe you could all drop in to see us at Fruit Towers one day?

The grassy van was a big hit

We'll send a grassy van round to pick you up.