Thoughts from June 2010

yurt dining

Being as Devon is a bit of a trek for tea for most people, the good people at Riverford (purveyors of the finest organic fruit, veg and meat home delivery in the land) are taking their award winning Field Kitchen restaurant on the road this summer.


Thanks to the Travelling Field Kitchen, you'll be able to sample a feast of local, seasonal, tasty dishes by Riverford's team right on your doorstep (via a very large yurt).


Over the next few weeks, the Travelling Field Kitchen is going to be touring up and down the country ostopping off in London till 20th June before setting up shop on Stockley Farm in Knutsford and then heading on to Peterborough, North Yorkshire, Kent and Bristol.

Lunch is £17.50 for 2 courses whilst dinner is £22.50 for 3 courses and it's going to be very informal, relaxed al frescoish dining affair (so probably best to leave the stillettos at home).

If you fancy booking yourself a table in the tent and enjoying some fine fine food, just click here to find out more.

england's world cup starting 11 revealed

We don't think the papers have got hold of this yet, but we have it on good authority that Capello and Baldini nipped into the boys toilets at Fruit Towers and chalked up the team on our blackboard...


Controversially, they've gone for Albert (or Tom) Finney ahead of Ashley Cole, and it's good to see Yoda back in the starting line up after a long lay off. Bullard will always give you 160% in the engine room, and Tuffers is set to form a strong right hand side, with the Dark Knight himself in front of him. And those centre's going to get past those two.

You can compare this with the sparse team selection of a couple of months ago to see how much thinking has changed in a relatively short space of time.

Come on England.

yellow pencil

Our creative team won a pencil at the D&AD Awards last week.


The D&AD (Design & Art Direction) Awards are like the Oscars of the design and creative industries. Except you win a pencil, not a gold statue.

Yellow pencils are recognised the world over as a symbol of true creative achievement. And after 11 years, we finally won one in the Writing for Design Category for our most recent big carton labels.



Dan, Ben and I got to go on stage, meet the president of D&AD and shake Jimmy Carr's hand before getting our pencils.


It was a total team effort which was celebrated long into the night (and well into the next morning for Ben).


Big thanks to the jury for taking the time to go through all the entries so thoroughly and to all the folk at D&AD for such an excellent evening.


Pencils proudly in place.

whale sale

Massive thanks to John H for sending us the latest life size fibre glass statue to be sold on eBay.


Starting life in a Leeds nightclub, Willy got mixed up with the wrong pod and ended up being thrown out onto the streets where a passing Samaritan rescued him from a skip.

After a tour of various car park spaces and back gardens in the Sheffield area, Willy is now ready for a new home and that home/pond/hot tub could be yours.

Dog not included

Maybe your ornamental pond is lacking that oversized mammal water feature? Perhaps you fancy a bit of company in your hot tub? Or maybe you just want an alternative sofa.

Whatever you need a 4.9m long fake killer whale for, get bidding and in 9 days time, he could be yours.

N.B. He weighs in at 80kg, cannot jump through hoops and needs at least three people to carry him. Excited dog not included