Thoughts from June 2010

hairy fruititioners

When we're not working making smoothies, looking for elephants, or building vegetable gardens, we also enjoy running around fields in Pilton (care of Michael Eavis) dancing along to Shakira*, playing with Germanic ladyboys underneath tube-carriage wrecks**, and wearing amusing things on our heads***

Glasto 1

Ruth won the competition with her sly blonde tash

Glasto 2

Though Charlie and Olly's double-team meant that he was mistaken for ZZ Top (who weren't actually on the bill, which led to further confusion)

Glasto 5

Caroline and Joe went for a cowby-come-bandito look whilst rocking it out to Muse (what else would you wear to thrashing electro-guitar?)

Glasto 3

Tom was mistaken for a disguised Michael Bolton

Glasto 7

Joe channelled the hippy love and got lost between Paul Mcartney and the Beach Boys

Glasto 8

And then Lady Gaga made a surprise appearance (or so Oli would like to believe)

Glasto 9

Of course, it wasn't all just hairplay and braiding, and we tried to ensure that everyone made it to their five-a-day. Don't you think that Florence's guitarist is enjoying himself a pineapple, bananas and coconuts smoothie here?

Glasto 6

*cannot confirm that all of us enjoy this said past time

** same again

***totally confirmed

grassy elephants - auction

Ah, elephants. Cute yet big. Massive ears but not renowned for their hearing. Never one to forget your birthday or that one time at 3am when you insisted that you were the 6th member of girls aloud.

I saw this one on sunday:


This little fella is part of the elephant parade, 258 of them maurading/chilling out around London. All of them are hanging out in Royal Hospital Chelsea until they get auctioned off for charity on 3rd July

I think (s)he'd look good in our office. (S)he may have already been in our office albeit camouflaged.

Does anyone wish to start the bidding?

don't lose your bottle...

...instead, make sure it ends up in a recycling bin. We know you're good like that anyway, which is why we're going to share with you a small insight into what happens on the journey of your bottle becoming, er, another bottle after you recycle it.

The people at Recycle week made this little video to show that journey. We hope you have been even slightly inspired to find more ways to recycle more of your stuff during this week. We all certainly have:

  • Dave M promises to make sure he always puts his teabags in the compost caddy
  • Mark G promises to take his old heated straighteners down to his local recycling centre
  • Rach promises to stop putting the margarine tubs in the plastic bottle recycling bin

So while it's over and out from the Recycle week team, don't stop the magic. Keep on recycling.

trees get a year off

It turns out that since we introduced our 100% recycled plastic bottle back in 2007 we have saved over 2,500 tonnes of Carbon (CO2 equivalent). For many of us that figure doesn't mean much, but take our word for it, we are better off without all that kicking about in the atmosphere.

To put it into perspective, that is the equivalent of everyone who works at fruit towers' personal carbon footprints for a full year added together. 12,000 trees would need one whole year to remove that amount of carbon from the atmosphere. See? It's loads.

Large tree

So when you look at it that way, we've sort of given a big forest a year off from cleaning up the air. The trees can kick back, watch all the world cup games (even the afternoon ones) and generally focus on growing leaves and photosynthesis and other tree stuff.