Thoughts from July 2010

corned beef & smoothies

We were very amused to find a reference to our smoothies in The Guardian's over by over report of the England v Bangladesh cricket match on Saturday.


It seems the reporter popped out for some corned beef, as you do in the middle of a test match, and came back with a smoothie.


No such joy in their live coverage of that football game though.

two short films about our 2010 AGM

Every year for the last few years we've had an innocent AGM and every year we try to share the event with as many people as possible, not just those lucky enough to be picked at random to come along on the day. That's why we celotaped an iPhone to a climbing hat this year and stuck it on Luke's head for the day.

And that's why we've made not one but two short films about this year's AGM for your viewing pleasure. Here's one (the edited highlights version).

And here's two (the from the people who were there version).

An amazing day indeed.