rabbit food

This is not a post about detoxing. Repeat, this is not a post about detoxing.


We just wanted to make it clear that although the rabbits in our ads are asking about portions of fruit and what not, smoothies and fruit aren't actually very good for real life rabbits.

Leafy greens, grass and specially bought pellets are all fine. And the odd carrot treat is okay too. Smoothies and fruit just give them upset tummies which makes for unhappy hutches.


You might also be interested to note that rabbits produce two types of droppings. There are the hard dry pellets shaped like brown peas and there are also softer moist pellets that rabbits eat directly from their bottoms. These are an essential part of their diet. Allegedly.

There's more information here but essentially, keep the rabbit food for rabbits and the smoothies for you.

End of message.