Thoughts from January 2010

say hello to our new adverts and website

The more observant of you may have picked up we've been dropping hints about rabbits for some time now. Quite badly in most cases. It's because we've been busy making lots of new adverts for papers, magazines, billboards and the telly featuring a variety of rabbits. So that's that all cleared up and crystal clear now.

You can watch our new telly advert above or on our new rabbiting-on website and then take the opportunity to ask us any question you like. And we'll answer it, in person, by a real life human being. Anything. Then the best question each week wins a prize. What's not to like.


welcome to 2010


Bye bye the naughties, hello the..umm..onesies? We don't know about you but we're looking forward to the next decade. So much so we'll be starting it off with lots of bright optimistic colours and things that make you happy. Like twitching rabbit noses, and things.

More to come on those colours and noses in a few days time...

Oh and a very happy new year by the way, we coundn't have got through that last one without all of you. Phew.