Thoughts from January 2010

Water-way to ring in the New Year


London has Big Ben, Sydney the Harbour Bridge and New York has a giant ball. However, folk in Vincennes, Indiana have a slightly different focal point when it comes to seeing in their New Year. They drop a whole load of watermelons from one giant watermelon. The act can be caught in all its glory here. And if watermelons are you thing, then you should definitely check out this site. They even have a Watermelon Queen.

Thanks to Ingrid for getting in touch, her Dad for the film and Evansville Courier & Press for the photo.

how many?

Those of you who live in London and read Metro in the morning might have noticed we had some ads in the paper this morning. It was quite hard to miss them in fairness. They're all about quite a forgetful rabbit.

And to let people know that they can grab a FREE smoothie with your copy of Metro at a few different London stations tomorrow morning (Tuesday 12th January 2010).
That's FREE smoothies. Tomorrow. At these stations...

Bond Street - Charring Cross - Euston - Fenchurch Street - Kings Cross - Liverpool Street - London Bridge - Paddington - Victoria

new tube

Here's some new stuff we've just found on the youtube vaguely related to us. One's a recreation of the founding moments of our company in the back of a car. The other is a magician who suddenly appeared at Fruit Towers one day. Not by real magic (like when Copperfield made an airplane disappear or Blaine stood on top of the London Eye), he called ahead and came in through the front door like a normal human being.

rabbit posters

Along with our new rabbit television advert and website we've also made some posters and newspaper ads and stuff. Different rabbits, different coloured backgrounds, same sentiment. Have a browse of a few of them below.




ask away

Our new rabbiting-on website is now up and running after a few technical glitches. If there's a question in your head you've always been wondering about let us know via the medium of a rabbit, and we'll do our very best to shed some light on the subject for you.