Thoughts from January 2010

he's snow grouch

Siobhan's friend, Rose, sent us this photo of the snowman her dad built the other week


Actually, to be precise, his creation is in fact a snow representation of Oscar the Grouch from Sesame Street


And if we're going to be incredibly precise, then you should know that Rose's dad is a semi retired nuclear medical physicist and the ski suit is essential to his creative process.

rabbit food

This is not a post about detoxing. Repeat, this is not a post about detoxing.


We just wanted to make it clear that although the rabbits in our ads are asking about portions of fruit and what not, smoothies and fruit aren't actually very good for real life rabbits.

Leafy greens, grass and specially bought pellets are all fine. And the odd carrot treat is okay too. Smoothies and fruit just give them upset tummies which makes for unhappy hutches.


You might also be interested to note that rabbits produce two types of droppings. There are the hard dry pellets shaped like brown peas and there are also softer moist pellets that rabbits eat directly from their bottoms. These are an essential part of their diet. Allegedly.

There's more information here but essentially, keep the rabbit food for rabbits and the smoothies for you.

End of message.

nippy out

In case you've missed it, things are all about the rabbit round here at the moment


And just so none of us forget about the rabbit, we've had some smart hooded tops made up in bright warming colours to keep us looking and feeling proper toasty.

Bunny top

We have four of them to give away, in an array of random sizes.

Pink = 14

Green = 12

Blue = XL

Purple (or violet if you're being specific) = XL

All you need to do to win one is tell us the best resolution you've managed to keep by Monday 25th January and we'll pick the 4 most applaudable (and convincing) entries.

Don't forget to put which hoodie you'd like in your answer. Other wise it'll be pot luck as to what you get (and you never can trust a pot).

This competition is now closed. Thanks to everyone who entered. Congratulations to Alpha Mummy, Keenan, Lex and Matty who all win themselves a rabbit hoodie.

May your calling your grandmas, feeding imaginary bunnies, talking like Eliza Dolittle and not-eating-anything-with-the-word-'pie'-in-it resolutions see you well in 2010.

another advert with a rabbit in it

A while a go we made our first ever advert for the telly with a chicken in it, and then we made an advert with a rabbit in it. We quite liked it so we've made another one, and here it is.

If you fancy seeing it on real life telly here’s a selection of the most choice appearances in his schedule: Today at 21.45 during Slumdog Millionaire, tomorrow at 22.50 during Ocean’s 12 and on Saturday at 20.45 during All Star Mr & Mrs. Keep your eyes peeled.



Roll call from left to right: Ed, one time star of an innocent love story. Mike, one time innocent mo grower, award winner and extreme snowboarder. Shrimp, one time innocent interviewee. And Dave, one time innocent grass van break down victim. That's right they all used to work with us here at Fruit Towers.

And now they're back together again, in variations on a theme outfits, like a 1980's boy band reform, making the best chewing gum in the land.


After their first 2010 Q1 park bench meeting they’ve unanimously agreed to give away a big box of gum (and some smaller ones for runners-up) to a lucky winner who can answer this probing question.

Instead of using synthetic rubber as a chewy base for gum, Peppersmith make theirs with chicle. Chicle is:

a) freshly laid chicken eggs

b) the sap from the rainforest’s Sapodilla tree

c) one half of Britain’s finest comedy siblings

Just leave your answer as a comment to this blog post and Ed, Mike, Shrimp and Dave will do the rest. Trust them, we trained them well.

This competition has now closed. Big well done to Karen who wins the bumper box of gum and handclaps all round for Steve, Rachael, Stefanie, Philip, Suzanne S, Sophie, Harry, Sue, Tim D and Leanne R who all win a packet. Fresh breath winging its way to you right now.