Thoughts from February 2010

recipe for love

Last year, we gave you love on a bottle.

Love on a bottle

(and we even tried to do a bit of matchmaking while we were at it).

The year before that, it was the all expenses spared photo love story


So this year to celebrate Valentines Day, we proudly present............the recipe for love.


Oh yes. Who'd have thought it'd be as simple as whacking some vanilla ice cream into a posh sundae glass and drizzling it with our special guest peaches and raspberries recipe?

Yep. Us neither.

So instead of spending all your hard earned cash on red roses, blue violets and foil wrapped chocolate hearts from the petrol station, why not stay in this Sunday and let the melba, moonlit and mood music work their magic.

raz the cat pin up

Following on the pet theme from last week, if you're worried that you dog/cat/pet iguana has a tendency to go a-wandering, then you can ask the scary child to make your pet a name tag.

Scary kid

Simply tell the demon child the name of your pet and your contact details and she will use her laser eye cutting technique to engrave them into a collar tag (available in round/paw/bone shapes).


For an extra 50p, she will also name your pet. Or frighten it into never straying from home again.

Despite looking slightly terrified in the demon child's grip, the name of this cat suggests he'll be okay on the streets, given that his innocent predecessor was definitely a man about town.

Raz the original

Wherever you are, Raz, we hope you're well. Perhaps if we'd made you one of these name tags, you'd have been easier to keep track of.