Thoughts from February 2010

another afternoon stroll around fruit towers

A while ago I went for an afternoon stroll around fruit towers and asked if there was anything you'd like to see if I went for another stroll. That was over 3 years ago, I may be a little slow but I'm nothing if not a man of my word. So in answer to Beth's question of 'what do your toilets look like' here's the highlights from the gents in unit 5 today.

A key that looks like Bat Man...

And a very profound question...
See you in 2013 for an answer to Millie's question of 'where do the chiefs sit in relation to the indians' (although the short answer is the chiefs sit next to the indians, like right next to).

monday morning looked like this

Monday mornings in Fruit Towers tend to look a bit like this


Everyone gets together at 9am sharp for our Monday Morning Meeting where each team gives a one minute update on what they've been up to, we all look at important charts and people who arrive late have to hide in the toilets till the meeting is over (Bryony).

Then we do an exercise to get us revved up and raring to go for the week.

Sometimes it's a little skip to the end of the drive

Other days it's a limbo competition in the car park, a wheel barrow race


Or a human pyramid

Human pyramid

Today it was indoor beach ball

Indoor beach ball

The exercise is then followed by the RSFTCM (rugby scrum for the coffee machine).

Tune in tomorrow to see for how Tuesday morning shapes up.

rabbit, rabbit, rabbit

Chas and Dave once sung a song about rabbits, it went like this. We've probably made more rabbit mentions than both Chas and Dave did in their entire careers in the last month alone. But we still feel there's more room for rabbits in our lives.

So here we have some fancy new posters featuring rabbits and our tasty veg pots that you might come across in the next few weeks when you're out and about.



We've also gone all green and veg pot like on our rabbiting on website where we're still accepting questions. And we've got a brand new Facebook game on our hands; the veg pot jack pot. Go play it here and try and get to the top of the leader board. There'll be unofficial prizes for the people at the very top in 4 weeks time.


pick your favourite bottom

After much battenburg, much tea and much rumpus over who gets the slice with the extra marzipan, we’ve whittled down the 1800 plus entries we had for our bottle bottoms competition to a final 10.


In the spirit of democracy (and to prevent anymore square cake squabbling) we’d love your help in choosing which derriere ditties make it onto our bottoms.

To vote, just click here, have a read of the finalists and then choose your favourite bottom.

No such thing as a bum deal on our watch.

Or any more posterior related puns after today.