Thoughts from February 2010

and the winners are...

So Lady Gaga might have cleaned up at the Brits last night with her wig hat and Prince Harry might have been left on screen longer than he was meant to be but if getting the scoop on the winners of the Best Bottle Bottom Awards is what you're after, then you've come to the right place.

You voted in your thousands to choose your favourite bottoms for our bottle bottom competition and in no particular order, the top five bottle bottoms were


Big well done to Fishbulb, Jonathan, Nadia, Collette, Claire's brother Robert and Steve for the prize winning posteriors. Smoothies on their way to you now and new bottoms to follow.

Massive thanks to everyone who entered and voted.

Keep your eyes peeled for these messages coming to a bottom near you very soon.

ready flipped

The excellent Delia, Charlie and Rio spent all flippin' lunchtime making pancakes for an afternoon Shrove Tuesday snack.

A frenzy ensued as soon as the word went out


There were toppings a-plenty


Being allowed to eat butter, sugar, syrup and chocolate spread, all at the same time on one fried piece of batter (and whilst at work) made Ben very happy.


Whilst Paula and Peter kept it traditional and indulged in some good old fashioned lemon love.

Lemon love

With their pancakes that is. Not each other.

Tuesday 9:42am

Quieter today than yesterday


But interesting to note that same people still milling around

Tuesday 2

Wonder if Caroline and Radek will be skiving on their way to important meetings same time tomorrow?