Thoughts from February 2010

that Roger, the phantom yarn bomber

Whilst on my way through Didsbury the other day, I spotted these fetching lamppost decorations. On further inspection, I discovered they were the unsuspecting victims of a Valentine's Day yarn bombing incident.


As lovely as they were I didn't have the heart to remove them, but clearly That Roger is one busy yarn bomber. I can see he also crochets a mean basket of veg too. If you are That Roger or know him, please let him know they certainly cheered up my day.

(Sorry the photos aren't of a great quality, but there's only so much a girl can do whilst juggling two barmcakes, and a couple of jars of greengage jam and hedgerow bramble jelly ...)

win tickets to a horribly special tea party


Francesca Simon (author of the Horrid Henry books and the opening lines for our consequences stories) is hosting a special Horrid Henry April Fool's tea party in London on Thursday 1st April to celebrate the launch of Henry's new joke book.

There will be cakes, face painting and free whoopee cushions aplenty not to mention the chance to meet Henry in person.

And Francesca has given us 10 sets of family tickets to give away*.

All you have to do to win yourself a set of tickets is answer this foolishly easy question:

What day is April Fool's Day?

a) 2nd April

b) 1st April

c) 26th May

Post your answer below by 10th March and we'll choose the winners at random out of that big hat which only comes out the cupboard on random-competition-choosing occasions.

This competition has now closed. Thanks to everyone who entered. The random hat has spoken and big well done to Kyle, Vicky, Jane Hobart, Jean Combs, Sharon Carter, Michele, Sindy, Kay, Jane and Kevan. Tickets winging their way to you now.

*Each Family ticket admits two children who must be accompanied by at least one adult and no more than 2 adults per ticket. In case you were thinking about bringing your extended family. Like your entire class and teacher.

paper plant pots

Want to recycle your smoothie bottle and your Sunday papers and grow some plants at the same time?

Well, look no further.

Just watch Ciaran's excellent demo on how to make your own paper plant pots using all the above and then get busy seeding.

friday I'm in eggs

Forget Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday morning - Friday morning in Fruit Towers is all about eggs.

So much so it has been unofficially rechristened Fregg Day.


Eggs at 9am.

Beer trolley at 5pm.

When your Friday starts and ends like this, everything inbetween somehow feels so much better.

Happy weekend.