Thoughts from December 2010

Mo Diggity

With the sound of Mariah's "All I want For Christmas" resounding through Fruit Towers, it must mean that we're into December, and out of Movember. Here's the round-up photo from the end of week 4. It was a busy working week, so we caught the moustachioed contenders at their desks (mostly).

Round up

In total our innocent team managed to raise nearly £600 for the Prostate Cancer Charity. This was a combination of sponsorship, and money raised from a special Mexican themed movember lunch, made by the very wonderful Delia.

On the 31st we took our final round up photos for three different categories.

Happy team.

Mo 2

The Twiddlers.

Mo 3

And Freestyle.

Mo 1

The Thinker (with a sneaky photo-bomb from George).


Thanks to everyone who took part in lending their faces for such a good cause.

hat tag winners and tiny snowmen

Despite adverse weather conditions, we've trampled over obstacles, dodge a few snowballs, and avoided slipping on the ice, and finally, we bring you the winner of last week's hat tag round up. 

Just a little taster of what's to come, Ollie Thorn sent us this happy chappie.

Ollie Thorn_twitter

But now, back to the hat tagging. First up, Cathey won the celebrity category with her timid beanied Queenie. This was followed by the best statue or landmark entry of the Empire State Building by Ian. Fran excelled with the most number of hats (with creative placement) with her hattosaurus collection. Best pet went to Ellen's very funky chicken, and the the winner of the most creative use of a small hat is awarded to Daniel for his recyclotron. But did you spot how many items were recycled to make it happen?

What with all this snow, we've received a flurry of pictures of tiny hats on tiny snowmen. Make yours quick before the sun comes back out in full force (well, maybe 4 degrees on Saturday). Here are just some of our favourites.

Helen Taylor took a picture of this cheeky monkey in the Canadian Rockies.

Helen Taylor_ Canadian rockies

Carolyn Ryves brought this little lady in from the cold.

Carolyn Ryves 2

Lorna Robertson sent us this novel snowmobile.

Lorna Robertson

And Jo Hamill sent us this ruby-lipped, Hunter wellied gem.

Jo Hammill 2

We hope you enjoy the snow whilst it's here. Kate loved getting her first ever snowball thrown at her (she's from Australia).