Thoughts from December 2010

total geek out...

The last thing you expect whilst making toast is to be invited into the sacred domain that is the innocent server room.
A select few were given a guided tour and Joe even got to push a button.

As you can see IT Sam takes things very seriously, colour matching his jacket and carrying a screwdriver at all times.

we found a little queue of people at St Pancras

Eurostar 4

So we decided to take them some drinks.

Eurostar 2

Along with a free smoothie to fill the gap and keep their spirits high, we gave them some spudokus (don't ask) and the veg challenge to amuse and mentally stimulate them. Or at least hopefully distract them from the wait ahead.

Fingers crossed they got home OK for Christmas.

Smash 'n' Grab

After receiving a foot tall chocolate Father Christmas we spent quite some time debating how to break in. Then Claire took it upon herself to man up and do the deed.

Smash n grab

She didn't let us down. To quote "I just wanted to make sure I smashed it properly".


Thanks Claire.

one man and his ladder


Clearly unfazed by the everyday perils of negotiating the London Underground, this chap takes the challenge of commuting to a whole new level. As the sight of an oversized rucksack is usually all it takes to send hardened tube-goers into a tutting frenzy, we really applaud his bravery.

We're just wondering how on earth he's going to wrap it.