billy lots of mates

Bill with smoothie
Bill Nighy dropped into Fruit Towers last week when he was doing some recording over the road

Bill & Heather

Everyone stopped playing ping pong to go and have their picture taken with him

But it's not just Bill who's been seduced by the bright lights of the Goldhawk Industrial Estate.

Over the years, we've had royalty drop by

Hahaha, your Majesty

the PM

The pm and sam

Another chap called Bill

Bill bailey

Mr. Kay


Johnny Vegas


and the original Johnny

Mr ball

A gaggle of stars (on a chilly car park break)


Scouting for Girls (back when they were still in Cubs)


Not to mention magicians, Olympians (of the gold variety) and a man who makes jam.

At this rate, we're going to have a Christmas special more star studded than the love child of the Royal Variety Show and Smash Hits Poll Winners Party.

In case you're wondering who would be the host, we've got that covered


(Ronnie that is. Not Sam).