a little less

Climate change - no doubt about it, a fairly sizeable problem. It's pretty easy to feel overwhelmed by the science, the required reduction in emissions, and before you know it, you wonder if there is any chance of solving this gargantuan (yes, I had to spell check it) issue.

At innocent we've been working on our carbon footprint for a number of years - be it introducing our 100% recycled plastic bottle, lightweighting our packaging, or challenging our suppliers to improve their energy, water and waste performance year on year.

We feel pretty positive that we can successfully tackle climate change. Most of the actions we take not only reduce our carbon footprint, but also make commercial sense - if you use less you pay less - not exactly rocket science.

We want people to feel more positive about tackling climate change, but talking about air compressors, reductions in blend waste, and energy capture is not inspiring for everyone. So we decided to start collecting examples of what people do in their day to day lives. Whilst each example might not make that much difference with just one person, when loads of people do it, then we start to get somewhere.

Use Less - Innocent 001
Super Eddie told us how he only turns on the lights in the office when we need them.

Use Less - Innocent 050
Whereas Delia doesn't turn on the lights at all if she knows her way.

Use Less - Innocent 007
Caroline makes sure if she does turn on the lights that they are powered by 100% renewable energy.

Use Less - Innocent 023
So does Ben W (although he was concerned he was having a bad hair day).

Use Less - Innocent 004
Simon is making sure he only buys new clothes when his existing ones are truly worn out (check out his elbow) - thankfully Rach is pretty handy with her darning skills, and she even makes her own clothes.

Use Less - Innocent 008
Steve has ditched the car for coming to work, and now uses a train and bicycle combo.

Use Less - Innocent 020
Kate gave up her car entirely - very impressive.

Use Less - Innocent 025
Philippa does loads of stuff herself, but is really proud of her mum for putting in solar panels.

Use Less - Innocent 027
Jeremy uses a lot less toilet paper... we didn't push him for details though.

Use Less - Innocent 056
And Eva has even gone so far as to change her career to work in sustainability - including studying for her Masters.

We have loads more stories which we will be sharing - we hope that reading these have made you feel a bit more positive about things.

If you want some ideas for stuff you can do - check out Or if you want to share your actions with us, then please comment on this blog.

Here's to the future.