Thoughts from August 2010

racks and ladders

In addition to the arrival of the office bikes and shock replacement of Sandwich Man by Sandwich Lady, the most amount of news/gossip/chat/work in the office continues to take place round the ping pong table.


Olly is currently reigning as King of Ping on the ping pong ladder, closely by everyone called Ben


Not sure how many games you have to play to get to this stage. At least 5 spreadsheets worth.

In other exciting news, a tasteful blonde wood magazine rack has appeared in the kitchen


Not only has it boosted the kitchen into another interior dining dimension, it's also keeping the breakfast bar (yep) a lot tidier as well as providing an extra bonus points target for balls to hit.

If anything actually newsworthy happens this week, we'll let you know right here.

office bikes

We have three new office bikes.


Sniggering aside, these bikes are for little trips down to Hammersmith, up to Shepherds Bush or for lunchtime jaunts along the river.

They've been christened Handle and Gretel, Dick van Bike and Jimmy Saddle (who was down the shops, buying elevenses during this photo call), are available for anyone at Fruit Towers to borrow and are much greener than driving a van (not to mention cheaper than forking out for the gym/that 6:30am spinning class).

Maybe one day, they'll get a grass covered passenger attachment


But for now, we'll have to settle for backies.