Thoughts from April 2010

getting better all the time



The number of seasons (hello spring)

The number of elements (earth, wind, etc)

The number of meals in the day (breakfast, lunch, treats, dinner)

And the number of sustainable packaging criteria we use here at innocent.

When it comes to choosing suitable new 'housing' for our smootihes, these are the four things we care about most:

1. To use low carbon footprint formats wherever possible

2. To make our packaging as lightweight as possible

3. To make things out of either renewable or recycled materials

4. To make all our packaging widely recyclable.

Unfortunately it's often really hard to tick all four of these boxes.


Our big cartons do a great job in that we're ticking currently the first three boxes OK. However, there's still some room for improvement on the last one.

When we launched our big cartons, very few councils were recycling them at all.

The good news however is that little by little, these sort of cartons are becoming more recyclable. 86% of councils now collect cartons at recycling centres and one in five councils will collect kerbside (in other words, from your front doorstep). You can read more about it here.

In the same way we managed to get our little bottles to 100% recycled PET, it takes time and patience.

But little by little things improve.

We're still working on making our veg pots and squeezies packaging tick more of the boxes and will keep you posted on our progress right here.

early morning visitors

Morning pm

We had some special visitors drop by Fruit Towers this morning


The Prime Minister, his wife and Harriet Harman all came by to have a tour

All ears

They asked some questions

Smooth talk

Answered some questions

Chit chat

Made a smoothie in one kitchen


Watched Emilie make toast in the other


Commiserated with Helen about the perils of playing netball

Broken finger

And had the obligatory photo shoot with IT Sam

Sam and gordon

As it says on our bottles, the door to Fruit Towers is always open so feel free to swing by if you're ever on the Goldhawk Road.


Unless you happen to fall into this category


In which case, please use this entrance.