Thoughts from April 2010

a bee quiz


Think you know all about bees? Our friends at Thoughtful challenge you to answer these questions. The winner will receive a nice book about bees, and one runner up gets a book about allotments. Let battle commence.

1. Who was the Top Dog of Wentworth Detention Centre?

2. What film won the Oscar for best picture in 1973?

3. Name the Swedish rock band that first garnered attention in the early 2000s as a prominent group of the garage rock revival, playing garage punk.

4. What type of bees give milk?

Good luck, and please remember to save the bees, please.

buy one get one bee


Bees. Busy little fellows, and pollinators of plants. It would be safe to say that we'd have a lot of troubles getting our fruit to people if it wasn't for bees. As we found out when Jon popped over to the blueberry fields of Nova Scotia a while ago. So we thought we'd help the bees along this spring with our new project buy one get one bee. We'll be helping to introduce 2 million bees back to the UK with every one of the below special packs bought. The recipe of the special smoothies? Lemon, honey and ginger of course.

Go seek them out in the shops (Tesco, Sainsbury's, Waitrose and Boots should all have them in stock in the next few days). The little bottles also come complete with a pack of free bee friendly seeds. If you don't have a garden of your own why not go guerrilla gardening, it's all the rage at the minute we hear.

sustainable sunday grub

At a loose end this Sunday?

This is rubbish

If you're in London town, why not head down to the Arcola Theatre in Hackney for a delicious 3 course feast made entirely from food that would otherwise be thrown away.

The lovely ladies from This is Rubbish are following their successful sustainable smoothie fest at The Feeding of the 5000 in Trafalgar Square a few months ago with this evening event.

There will be food, music and talks from Tristam Stuart, author of Waste - Uncovering the Global Food Crisis, and Richard Reynolds, founder of Guerrilla Gardening London.

As the famous saying goes - One man's rubbish is another man's Sunday roast.

Or something like that.

the mighty AGM consumer cam


On Saturday 22nd May 2010 we'll be having our third ever innocent AGM. And to make sure we're always making things a bit bigger and better, this year we are going to introduce a mighty consumer cam to the day (pictured above, probably not exactly what it will look like, but you get the picture).

The basic idea is to document the AGM day from an attendee's point of view rather than just our own perspective, as we've done the past two years. We'll be working with our friends at the Really Interesting Group to put this innovative new contraption together in real life. Here's their first technical drawing so we've still got quite a way to go on it yet. We think the process of making it will be quite interesting in itself though, so we'll be posting updates as we go of double sided sellotape and pritt stick experiments.
All we need now is someone to wear it on the day (and an under study incase they're ill). If you fancy carrying the bleeding edge of innovation on your head for one day then just fill out this form. Thanks for your interest.

smoothie art


Big thanks to Rosie (aged nine) for sending us these photos of her homemade smoothie art

Muffin face

We also quite like the blueberry cupcake sculpture in the background too.

She's right talented, that Rosie.