Thoughts from April 2010

walk to work

It's National Walk to Work Week this week and given that the weather has properly perked up, there's now no excuse to drive in*.

Lucy T walks past 35 blossom trees on her way to work. Once a year, it actually rains blossom on her.

Cherry blossom

Alex W walks past these chocolate box houses on her way to and from work (and manages to get a nice view of the A4 en route too)

Chocolate box

Papping a close up shot of a lesser spotted wild telly is worth double walking points.


However, if tandem is your thing, then why not take a leaf out of Mark and Joe's book?

Mark and Joe always walk to work together.

Mark leads the way


And Joe bobs along after him.

Apart from the days Joe rides his massive Dutch bike to work that is.

On those days, Mark's walk looks a bit like this

Long walk

You always spot more stuff when you walk to work.

Like the lady I saw today, walking with a Black and Decker cordless drill in one hand and a bunch of daffs in another. She may or may not have been going to work. But she was definitely walking with a purpose.

Let us know the most interesting thing you've passed or seen on your way to work this week and the best answer will win a boxful of smoothies.

*unless you happen to live in Winchester like Heather. In which case, it'd probably take the best part of a week to walk in.

designer honeys

Back in March, our designers, Kat and Zoe, went out to Naples to oversee the print run of the new Buy One Get One Bee cartons for our special guest lemon, ginger and honey smoothie.

While they were there, they met Francesco who makes sure our carton designs are all okay for printing.

Honey man1

In one of those freakish yet excellent coincidences, turns out Francesco's dad makes his own honey and he very kindly potted some up for Kat and Zoe to bring back.

Since their return, it has passed many a toast test to the point where the jar that Zoe was given hasn't left her desk (or her eyeline) since.

Designer honeys

Proof that the proof is in the pot is, er, just that.

questions, questions, questions


Every year at our AGM we have an open questions & answers bit where people can ask Rich, Jon and Adam what they've always wanted to know. We did it in 2008 and we did it in 2009. As we can only fit in so many people at the AGM on the day, and to keep things fair, we let everyone who can't make it submit a questions to be read out on their behalf. We then shortlist the most common and pressing questions a week or so before and let our innocent family vote on which should be read out on the day. It's worked pretty well for the last two years so we're going to do the same again this year.

So if you fancy asking a question of your own just click here. Be it how's 2010 treating us, what are our plans for the future or where does Jon get his hair cut.

And we're so eager to get your questions this year that we've even made a special postcard that you can find on the side of our special AGM smoothie cartons. Look out for them in the shops, although this way has no need for scissors, kitchen towel, permanent marker pens or stamps.


an AGM consumer cam update


After a successful breakfast meeting with our tinkering friends over at the Really Interesting Group last week, we're pleased to report the construction of our AGM consumer cam is going great guns. Here's an update from Russell on the front line.

Phase One prototyping complete - helmet with iPhone attached is not too heavy for human-typical head/neck delivery infrastructure.

Phase Two prototyping complete - gaffer tape not sticky enough - moving to premium stickiness solution.

Phase Three prototyping underway - lots of clever stuff with code.

We'll check back in with another update soon, in the meantime if you'd like to apply to wear the mighty contraption on Saturday 22nd May (the day of our 2010 innocent AGM) just fill out this form.