banish the back to school blues

Itchy new uniform. Pencil case envy. Getting bogwashed. Again.


September heralds the the back to school blues and half terms seems an age away.

But instead of venting your frustration via compass carved desk graffiti, we thought we'd give away all the bits you need for your very own catchily named 'Beat the Back to School Blues' party.

The people at Little Cherry have sent a heap of party goodies including handmade partybags, a huge tablecloth, some bunting, posh napkins, balloons and compostable crockery

Party in a box

The lovely ladies at Cupcake Dolly are going to make up some special 'Back to School' cupcakes


And we're going to throw in a locker full of our kids' smoothies so there's enough tuck for 10 kids to have rip roaring good time.

To enter, all you need to do is guess the weight of this rather small yet perfectly formed cake (as modelled by a reluctant Simon K)

Simon cake holder k

Just post your answers below by Monday 21st September and we'll pick a winner next week.


This competition is now closed. The cake actually weighed in at 191g. Small but perfectly formed. Thanks to everyone who entered and a big well done to Sarah J who came within one gramme, guessing the cake weighed 190g. Party goodies on their way to you now.