Thoughts from September 2009

banish the back to school blues

Itchy new uniform. Pencil case envy. Getting bogwashed. Again.


September heralds the the back to school blues and half terms seems an age away.

But instead of venting your frustration via compass carved desk graffiti, we thought we'd give away all the bits you need for your very own catchily named 'Beat the Back to School Blues' party.

The people at Little Cherry have sent a heap of party goodies including handmade partybags, a huge tablecloth, some bunting, posh napkins, balloons and compostable crockery

Party in a box

The lovely ladies at Cupcake Dolly are going to make up some special 'Back to School' cupcakes


And we're going to throw in a locker full of our kids' smoothies so there's enough tuck for 10 kids to have rip roaring good time.

To enter, all you need to do is guess the weight of this rather small yet perfectly formed cake (as modelled by a reluctant Simon K)

Simon cake holder k

Just post your answers below by Monday 21st September and we'll pick a winner next week.


This competition is now closed. The cake actually weighed in at 191g. Small but perfectly formed. Thanks to everyone who entered and a big well done to Sarah J who came within one gramme, guessing the cake weighed 190g. Party goodies on their way to you now.

the house of the mystery hat

I cycle past this building on the Goldhawk Road everyday.

Hat house

There is no sign above the door and no one ever seems to go in or out.

I've no idea whether it's a hat shop, someone's house or some sort of secret organisation with funny handshakes, millinery passwords and impeccable head dress sense


Sometimes in the evening, a light comes on and the hat becomes a lampshade.

Other nights, it's all dark.

House of hat

I'm considering setting up vigil in the cafe opposite.

Partly to see who comes in and out.

Mainly to see if you get a badge when you join SSH*.

*Secret Society of Hatters

bananagate: day twelve

The fiends who took our banana phone have been suspiciously quiet over the last week or so. Then, just as we were about to give up hope of ever hearing from it again, we received this.

Sticky situations

Personally I think I'd rather not have known. The poor thing must be terrified.

Without wishing to cause unnecessary panic or alarm I am also able to reveal that this photo was accompanied by a recipe for banana fritters. You have to question the humanity of such people.

This is not a time for subtlety. We've only thirteen days left to meet their demands. Please help bring the banana phone home. It belongs on its cushion, on its special plinth, right here at Fruit Towers. Not at the tender mercy of such savages. Anyone who can help or wants to know more should look here

As always remain vigilant and please do inform us of any sightings. It's out there somewhere and we want it back.

veg pot birthday


Yesterday was the first birthday of our veg pots.

To celebrate this momentous day, we had a birthday lunch with a few glasses of fizz and some special cold veg pots (something new we're thinking of trialling for next year)

Happy veg day

As well as the veg and bubbles, there were also some mini cakes with iced veg on top to celebrate.

Glittery veg

Glitter was an added birthday bonus.

know anyone who can communicate?

This blog seems like the best place to be talking about a particular new job opening at innocent, our new Media Planning and Communications Manager. For the right person, we think it's going to be a very special opportunity - a chance to shape the way that we communicate.

Richard (co-founder) describes it thus:

"I'm looking for a person to come to work at innocent as our media and communications expert. It is a role that is both wide and deep - it encompasses both being manager of our existing 'house media' channels i.e. managing our in-house PR resource, our digital platforms and team, and our healthcare professional communications, and also being the person working with our media agency and brand managers to determine the best use of our media money - working out what we should be spending on what and how, covering everything from emerging media to old school telly and everything in between."

Stuff that this person will be doing:

  • Communication planning and execution
  • Creative development in a commercial context
  • Understanding digital and health communications
  • Managing people (three of them, all very smart)
  • Project and cost management

Some other stuff...

This person will report into our Marketing Director (Thomas - a lovely man) and we need applications by 25th September, please. No recruitment agencies please (we're looking after this one ourselves).

The full job ad is now up on our vacancies page. And you can have a look at the application process here.

Good luck.