consequences, consequences

Pen. Paper. Scribble. Fold. Pass. Scribble some more. Repeat.

This is consequences, old school.


And this is our very own brand new on line version of consequences for kids, using our kids' magnets as inspiration.


Francesca Simon (author of the Horrid Henry books) has written 26 opening lines to 26 stories and the idea is that kids continue the stories by adding a new line.

Then, everyday at 4 o'clock, we pick the winning lines and then the whole thing starts again. There are prizes galore not to mention the chance to have your line in the final story.

What will happen to the quacking pig?

How will the Queen get King Herbert back for tying a knot in her knickers?

And will PC Billings, the baked goods expert, ever find the biscuit burglars?

You decide.

To play, all you need to do is click here.