Thoughts from October 2009

all hail the mighty fortis knitters

It's Friday, the sun is shining and just when you think things couldn't get any better you come back from your lunch break and find this waiting for you.

Fortis box

Or at least that's what happened to me today.

Here we have an incredible 1800 hats courtesy of the lovely Fortis Knitters. Unfortunatley Sara (who is apparently the Chief Fortis Knitter) isn't at work today so we couldn't say thank you in person. Here's hoping that this makes up for it a bit.

Rich box

The've gone down a storm. Here's Rich (excuse the box in the background) He is particularly fond of the christmas pudding hat. Gurdeep says the hats have made his day, and Kat wants to have a nap in the box later she likes them so much. In a bold move Eddie has decided he wants to commision a person sized version of the tea pot hat, although we're not sure that's wise.

In short we are all really chuffed. If you want to see the rest of the hats, or what our other knitters are up to then you can check them all out here on the big knit flickr group.

Fortis Knitters thank you, you're welcome to fruit towers for a smoothie any time you'd like, in fact call in advance and we'll even put the kettle on.

We've all been inspired to get our needles out over the weekend, if you feel likewise you can find everything you might want to know right here on our special Big Knit website

If you're not a natural born knitter you can still help by gathering up hats from last year and sending them in for recycling. Every little helps.