Thoughts from October 2009


Need some help deciding your career path?


Our Tansy is the covergirl in the latest edition of Career Choice magazine, with a full 3 page interview all about working life at innocent, juggling strawberries and how to get a job in the creative industry.


It's not the first time her beautiful face has graced the pages of an esteemed publication though


Next stop, Cosmo.

drum roll please...

Ladies and gentleman, boys and girls the announcement you've all been waiting for. In just a few short moments we'll be able to bring you, live from this very blog post, the results of this weeks 'Hat of the Week' competition. The votes have been counted and verified by our independent adjudicator and you could cut the air with a knife such is the palpable sense of tension.

Without further ado. The winner is......weirdly long pause...fumble with envelope...Big Bee Hive by Kerri from Essex.

Beehive hat

Now let's all sit back and enjoy this montage of Kerri and Big Bee Hive Hat leaping about in celebration, set possibly to Westlife's 'You raise me up'.

It's a beautiful thing indeed. Kerri, a case of our finest and our heartiest congratulations. Well done you and well done Big Bee Hive Hat.

vegetables & pyrotechnics

New ad
Back in July Dan went off to our favourite West London park with a pair of kneepads, a mini vacuum, lots of veg pots and the above 'story board' as it's called in the telly advert making game. The bit crossed off in green above was actually our first ever foray into pyrotechnics.

It all went well luckily, no eyebrows were singed and you can see the results of the day's work below. Which is now being shown as an advert on the telly would you have it.

Vocal thanks once again go to the wonderful Johhny Ball.

an innocent guide to Copenhagen

The planet's doomed right? It's time to pack the tinned goods and head north. Well not just yet, but we are definitely in last chance territory to keep our climate in a more friendly condition. World leaders will be gathering in Copenhagen this December to try and secure a crucial international agreement for significant reductions in greenhouse gas emissions. There's a bit more information from our Sustainability Jess about why this is all so important on our new innocent guide to Copenhagen page.

Jess will be visiting the Department of Energy and Climate Change in November to meet Ed Miliband, the Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change. Ed Miliband will be attending the Copenhagen meeting so we thought we'd ask him some questions about the meeting, the UK position and climate change. If you have a question you'd like Jess to ask Ed then complete the form here and we'll pick the five most popular questions for Ed to answer. This guy is important in getting the deal we need in Copenhagen, so it should be interesting to hear what he has to say.

Want do even more yourself? Then check out this site.