Thoughts from October 2009

great news


We here at Fruit Towers have made an executive decision to extend our Big Knit deadline to get little knitted hats to us from 16th October to 30th October.

There were two reasons for this.

1) The postal strike

2) Not everyone has their own carrier pigeon

So, ladies and gentleman, a whole two more glorious weeks of knitting left. Woop woop or should I say coo coo.

if you go down to the woods today...

Edward t bear

You're unlikely to see a bear. They don't grow over here. Something to do with infertile soil and a lack of sunlight. However, if you go down to our blog today you will see a bear. Edward T Bear to be precise, winner of last week's hat of the week vote. I spoke to Edward to find out how he felt about the win.

"I feel good," he gruffed. "I mean, I've got to give credit to the opposition, Pretty Petunia, for putting up such a brave fight. I really was stretched, and tired near the end there. But the long hours I've put in at the gym with my trainer, Louise, really paid off, and in the end I think I deserved it."

Edward's efforts were rewarded with a belt of solid honey, whilst his trainer, Louise 'Apollo Creed' Butcher, will be receiving a bunch of innocent goodies.


big knit choir update

Our Big Knit Choir have been pretty busy over the last few days, with rehersals and radio and news paper interviews and what not. Here's a couple of sneak peaks and updates on how they're getting on at the minute.

A christmas number one in the making?

3 freeness inside every box

Everyone loves fridge magnets don't they. You can't go far wrong with fridge magnets. Especially when they are magnets of letters of the alphabet that you can make words and messages with.

We love fridge magnets so much that we've put 3 free magnets inside every special box of our smoothies for kids. And they're out in the shops now.


To win yourself (or a special small person in your life) a full set of A-Z magnets just leave a comment on this blog post guessing what you think each letter's picture stands for. We'll then choose a winning entry at random at the end of the week (Friday 16 Oct). Some of the magnets have more than one meaning, there's extra points for spotting multiple interpretations of the same letter.

We'll start you off with...a= ants b= biscuit.

Update: This competition is now closed, thanks for all your entries. The winner (drawn at random) was Linda C. Well done Linda, we'll be in contact to arrange getting your full set of magnets to you. Look out for our magnets in the shops, they're pretty special.

is it a bird? is it a plane?...


No, it's Romford Sainsbury's very own super knitter, Julie Melish.

Julie deserves a supehero alias with her needle skills. Knitting at lightning speed, she made a whopping 1000 little hats (all neatly laid out above).

Romford can proudly add another beauty to its luminary list, along with the great Suzi Quatro and the wonderful Harevettes marching band.

Please do keep sending in your lovely hats to us, here at Fruit Towers. A special extra big thank you to all the ladies from Age Concern who have been knitting like mad to make some smart veg pot and squeezies warmers (basking in the sunshine, below).


Picture 003

Don't they just look toasty?