Thoughts from October 2009

sipping susan scores...

Bertram the boss eyed bee bombs.Poor Bertram.

Knit Wars stepped up a gear this week with the fight to end all fights, the clash of the titans, the ultimate woolly battle to glory or (as we like to do things round here) a democratic vote between our favourite knitted hats of the week.

Sipping Susan by Mary of Bishops Stortford emerged victorious with 62.78% of the public vote precisely.

Here she is enjoying a well earned victory drink.


As for Bertram, all is not lost, he was last seen in the garden at Fruit Towers feasting on the last of the season's pollen. Apparently he wants to be match fit for his imminent trip down to Sainsbury's.

It's almost time to keep your eyes peeled for Susan, Bertram and their friends.

In the meantime, the happy news is that every cloud definitely does have a silver lining. This week's postal strikes means we've decided to shift the deadline back to the 30th of October.

Hurrah for an extra ten days knitting. If you've got new hats (or even old ones from last year) we'd love to have them so please do send them in.

consequences, consequences

Pen. Paper. Scribble. Fold. Pass. Scribble some more. Repeat.

This is consequences, old school.


And this is our very own brand new on line version of consequences for kids, using our kids' magnets as inspiration.


Francesca Simon (author of the Horrid Henry books) has written 26 opening lines to 26 stories and the idea is that kids continue the stories by adding a new line.

Then, everyday at 4 o'clock, we pick the winning lines and then the whole thing starts again. There are prizes galore not to mention the chance to have your line in the final story.

What will happen to the quacking pig?

How will the Queen get King Herbert back for tying a knot in her knickers?

And will PC Billings, the baked goods expert, ever find the biscuit burglars?

You decide.

To play, all you need to do is click here.