Thoughts from October 2009

fuschia friday

Fuschia. Salmon. Cotton candy. Magenta. My-red-football-socks-got-into-my-white-wash-again.

Yes, today Fruit Towers went pink again for the fourth year in a row, all in support of Breast Cancer Campaign

Last year's photos have gone missing but 2007 looked like this and 2006 looked like this.

Everyone paid £2 a pop to pink themselves up and those who forgot their pink pullovers/pants were imaginative in their use of office stationery/stuff lying about the gym (think used pink raffle tickets over nipples and tights worn as headbands).

IT Samuel bagged the prize for best outfit

It samuel

And the whole thing was organised by our very own pink lady, Bryony, who spent most of the day running round the office (just like last year).

Here she is in a blur of pink flurrying

Pink flash

And here she is pausing for breath.

Pink lady

Over in Hamburg, it was suitably rosa too (note the pink hat collections and good use of accessories)

German pink

And we're now counting up all the pound coins and 50ps to see how much we've raised.

Same time, same place, same pink next year.

tried and tested by tineke


Some drinks are so good they don't make you feel thirsty anymore.

Some are so good that they make feel pleasantly satisfied afterwards. And some are so good that they make you change your facebook profile picture in celebration like Tineke (above). As she rightly points out on our facebook page we've made a new smoothie and not really told anyone yet.

It's called cranberries, blueberries & cherries, it's our second ever banana-free smoothie (making it one of our most refreshing yet), and will be working it's way into the shops over the next week or two. Keep an eye out for it, and don't just take our word for it, take Tineke's too. You heard it here first.

happy halloween

Said the hats...


Pictured from left to right we have hat hat, ghost hat, spider hat, pumpkin hat and cat hat all courtesy of Mrs Rosalind Good from Berkshire.

Any remaining hats need to be working their way to Fruit Towers as soon as possible where we are taking off our shoes and socks and readying ourselves for the grand annual hat count. Think of us this weekend whilst you're holding hands, shuffling through leaves, reading papers and roasting food stuffs. We'll be up to our necks in little woolly items.

A big thank you to everyone who took the time to get out the wool this year, and remember there's still a little time left, so please do package up any late comers.

Have a great weekend.

say hello to Beryl and Jean


Please say hello to Berly and Jean, expert knitters, friends of Age Concern, friends of The Big Knit and now stars of our new Big Knit Choir video (preparing to storm the xmas pop charts this year).

The single and video won't be out for a few weeks yet but you can get to know both Beryl and Jean a bit better in the below little film we made last year. We'll let our Joe (middle, blue t-shirt, slow knitting) pick up the conversation from here...

back to school blues

A few weeks ago, we ran a competition to win everything you needed for hosting your very own catchily named 'beat the back to school blues' party.

All you had to do was guess the weight of this small yet delicious cake (as modelled by Simon K)


The lady who came closest to guessing the correct weight (deceptively light at just 190g) was Sarah Jane from Saffron Walden.


As well as a boxful of party paraphanelia from Little Cherry, Sarah Jane and her kids also won a bumper box of cakes from Cupcake Dolly and a boxful of our finest kids drinks.

Sarah Jane sent in this photo of the pre party calm


And this photo of the pre party excitement.


Apparently, cake + smoothies + party games = surefire way to banish those double-maths-followed-by-cross-country blues.