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Here's the thing.

You hire great people. They work really hard. They get promoted. And then you need even more great people to come and fill their shoes.

It's what HR types call a circle of win win.

And that's the sort of situation we're in right now.


Thanks to a recent spate of promotions, we've looking for some sparky, on-the-ball types to come and join our sales team as commercial account executives.

With a catchy title like that, ideally we're after people who are looking for their second sales job. Whether that's a year's work placement somewhere or experience working as part of a crack core FMCG 'I-don't-eat-lunch' team, if you're into sales and fancy a new challenge, then this role might be right up your street.

Could this be you

There's more information on the role right here. Deadline for applications in Monday 22nd November and you'll need to be available for an assessment centres the first week of December.

And who knows?

Next year you too could end up in aspirational motivational posters just like this one.

Aspirational shot