statement retraction: lazy sharks don't always die

Whilst as a company we make every effort to provide our drinkers with accurate and correct information on our packaging we, like many others, are prone to make mistakes on occasion.

So, we would like to take this opportunity to retract a statement we made on our packaging earlier this year regarding sharks in a state of none movement. As a drinker of ours has rightly noted (below) this was a misinformed and inaccurate statement.
I like your drinks (apart from the coconut one) but I wanted to take issue with a fact that I saw on the side of one of your mango and passion fruit smoothie cartons. It said that if sharks stop swimming they die. This is true for some sharks but not for all. Some of them like the nurse shark have an ability to pump water over their gills. I've also seen black-tip reef sharks sleeping on the sea bed facing the current so that they can sleep while the current brings fresh water over their gills.

Just thought you might like to know - that's all really.


We apologise for any offence or embarrassment caused to the aforementioned sharks. We're only human. Please don't come around to fruit towers and take issue with us. Row wouldn't especially like that. And thank you to Avi for pointing this out to us.