Thoughts from November 2009

halloween resurrected

We've always liked to keep ahead of the times at innocent. But there's a point when you're so ahead of the times that you're in the past. Like when mohicans and mullets were all the rage, and rave music came back again.

So this week we're going to be so ahead of the curve that we'll be celebrating halloween a week later than most people. Here's our starter for ten with a game of spot the smoothies in Marie Claire's September 2006 halloween spread (thanks to Dominika for adding this to our facebook group)...


Then later in the week we're going to have something very, very special to share with you in an ironically, slightly delayed, halloween resurrection kind of way.

Look out for it.

a story about a very stylish bear

Today we spoke to a lady called Alison, who was calling on behalf of her daughter Anjani.

Anjani has a bear whose name is Oscar. I think it's important at this juncture to point out that Oscar is actually a girl bear. Apparently as Anjani and (all right thinking people) know Oscar is, in fact, a name for girls and not a name for boys. Now that's cleared up, we can move on.

So, picture the scene, Alison Anjani and Oscar all went shopping this week. Conscious of a bit of a nip in the air Oscar was hoping to buy something for the current Autumn/Winter season. After a disheartening afternoon traipsing round the shops they were about to go home defeated, when to everyone's surprise the local Sainsbury's delivered big time.

Here's Oscar looking stylish in outfit one 'ear flap hat'


and here reclining like a pro in outfit two 'blue frill hat'


We hadn't thought of the Big Knit as an opportunity to expand your wardrobe, but if it worked for Oscar it might well work for you. So if you know of any under dressed bears, or hamsters with cold ears, or even have some dreary boots you want to jazz up then you know where to look.

Have a lovely weekend and happy shopping.

a big knit choir update


This is our Big Knit Choir. The ones who are re-recording their 1980 hit single 'There's no one quite like Grandma' to help raise money for Age Concern and the Big Knit this Christmas. Last week they were all very busy recording the single and video for the song at a variety of secret locations around London. All very X-factor.

And this is June Whitfield, our favourite Absolutely Fabulous star who puts in a cameo performance in the Big Knit Choir video.


You can nose over a lots more behind the scenes photos of June, Rich, the Big Knit Choir and Beryl & Jean on our Big Knit Choir facebook page here. And also watch some exclusive backstage video of the choir reminiscing about Mrs Hartley, fainting singers and ghostly monks.

spotted (and striped) hats

Today is a big Big Knit day, it's the very first day of the hats making it onto the chilled shelves of Sainsbury's stores up and down the country. Here's some very early spots our drinkers have made of the hats for us so far.

Spotted by Alexander Wright via twitter..
Spotted by Chris Wilkinson via twitter...
Spotted by Louise via twitter...
Spotted by Petra via facebook...
And finally Bella's customised her ugg boots with a veg pot warmer (via flickr).
Keep an eye out for them if you're going to do your big shop in Sainsbury's tonight. And keep adding your pics to our flickr, facebook or twitter places.

if you go down to the drive today...

You'll find a massive mushroom


If the drive you happen to be meandering down is the green and pleasant walkway of The Goldhawk Estate, W6.

Fresh from her urban foraging expedition, Lucy T spotted this beauty on her way down the drive last week


So excited was she about her fungus find that she went directly home to get her special mushroom book

Close up

We then spent a good fifteen minutes trying to figure out what type of mushroom it was


And whether or not it was edible.

Shroom book

After much page flicking and a lot of holding various glossy pictures next to said 'shroom, we narrowed it down to three possible contenders.

It's either a type of parasol mushroom which is meant to taste lovely when made into fritters

Eat it

It's got that frilly bit underneath, see. Like one of those posh umbrellas.


Or it could be a False Death Cap.

Dont eat it

Now, according to the book, False Death Cap mushrooms are not poisonous. However, they are easily confused with the Death Cap mushroom. Which, as it's name suggests, is poisonous. Unlike it's cousin.


If there are any budding mycologists out there who reckon they know what it is and fancy swapping mushroom wisdom for some crushed fruit, then please drop us a line.

Meantime, we're going to heed the advice of Yun and Andy and ignore it until we can be 100% sure that it's not poisonous.

And ignoring it includes not thinking about mushroom fritters, mushroom risotto, mushroom omelette, garlic mushrooms, mushroom stroganoff or mushrooms on toast every time we leave the office.

**************Mushroom news just in*****************

05/11/2009 Kate from Bristol has been on the phone. She's a qualified medical herbalist and has advised us not to eat this mushroom as she said it is actually a Death Cap. After all the posts and emails, we definitely won't be eating it. Thanks to everyone who's been in touch.